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User Manual

LMS Integration

The Veracity Learning offers seamless integration with your LMS to allow instructors and students to access the services of the LRS without leaving their LMS environment. This is accomplished via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability), a standard from IMS International. LTI is a secure way for an LMS to integrate external tools. Veracity offers several tools over LTI

  • Learner Portal Login - Learners can log into the Learner Portal with a single click. A record will in the LRS's "Learner" section will be created the first time the learner accesses the LRS
  • Content Launch - Learners can launch xAPI content, and leverage the benefits of xAPI seamlessly. When your LRS "content" section includes TinCan packages, a learner can access that content with a single click. Data from the content will be automatically stored into the LRS.
  • Dashboard Rendering - the LRS can present dashboards withing the LMS interface. Instructors can embed custom dashboards that they have authored and view them without logging into the LRS. Depending on the LMS configuration, Instructors can choose to present dashboards to all learners as well
  • Content Management - Instructors can upload content packages into the LRS from withing the LMS

To integrate with an LMS, follow the instructions found on the "All Management Tools" -> "Integration Center". This interface will help you create an API key and hook it up to your LMS. While the tool currently displays instructions for the Moodle LMS, Veracity Learning has been tested against many common LMSs. Your LMS vendor can supply you with information on how to enroll an LTI tool such as the LRS.

Once the LRS is added as a tool (sometimes called and "activity" or "app"), your instructors can place an instance of Veracity in their courses. When the instructor opens the tool for the first time, they will be presented with a user interface to configure the particular link.