Veracity Learning Enterprise

Our Enterprise version is intended for customers who need a cloud scale solution installed on site. It includes user management, unlimited LRSs, multi-threaded execution, and other scalability enhancements, as well as expanded reporting and analytics. Request A Trial Copy

Enterprise Features:

Expanded Visualizations

Our enterprise version allows embedding analytics and visualizations in other systems via simple integration scripts. It also has additional widget types in the custom dashboards, and additional prebuilt dashboards.

Content Hosting

Our enterprise version supports content packages from many common authoring tools, like Camtasia, Captivate, Lectora, and Articulate. Your onsite install has unlimited storage for hosting all your content.

Learners and Profiles

Create learner account from CSV upload, or a form, and associate additional demographic data with xAPI Actors. This data can be joined to xAPI Statements during analytics and reports.


The enterprise version includes a full solution for scaling to massive loads. The default install runs on all available processors, and can be configured to use multiple front end servers. It also supports connections to sharded and replicated databases.


With an onsite install, our enterprise version give you unlimited LRS instances, no API rate limits, user and data storage.

User Management

Create and manage individual LRS administrator accounts. Our enterprise version includes fine-grained permission controls for managing LRS access.

All Enterprise-only Features

  1. Visualizations
    1. Custom Bar Graphs
    2. Custom Pie Charts
    3. Custom Serial Charts
    4. SCORM Overview Dashboard
    5. SCORM Course Dashboard
    6. SCORM Lesson Dashboard
    7. Class/Course Dashboard
    8. Video Histograms
    9. Chart Exporting
  2. Users
    1. Self service user management
    2. Admin user management GUI
    3. User account email interfaces
    4. Per LRS user permissions
  3. Scalability
    1. Multi threaded server
    2. Support for multiple servers
    3. No data limits
    4. Connect to sharded or replica set databases
  4. Learners
    1. Learner creation and management GUI
    2. CSV upload
    3. Editable learner portal
    4. Learner self reported progress
    5. Certificate and evidence upload
    6. Learner profile data
    7. Learner individual data dashboards
  5. Content
    1. Course package upload
    2. Course content hosting
    3. xAPI and Tincan launch integration
    4. Track external links
    5. Tested against Domainknow, Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora and others
    6. Digital statement signatures
  6. Import/Export
    1. Statement Forwarding
    2. Export backup
    3. Restore backup

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Support Plan Pricing


  • Hours of Support: 10
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Response Time: 3 days or less


  • Hours of Support: 20
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Response Time: 2 days or less


  • Hours of Support: 50
  • Duration: 1 Year
  • Response Time: 1 day or less

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