Veracity Learning is a software platform for recording and reporting on learning experience and performance data using the Experience API (xAPI) specification. The core capabilities are described below. VERACITY LEARNING IS ...


First and foremost, Veracity Learning is an official xAPI-Conformant LRS for storing and retrieving xAPI statements. We fully support all types of xAPI data, including statement signatures, binary attachments, and document stores. You can also import from other LRSs, forward statements, or export data out Veracity Learning.


Powerful graphing and reporting tools to help you visualize your data and detect trends. You'll gain valuable insights even from your first xAPI statements using our default dashboards. Take your analytics to the next level by using our chart builder, advanced graph query tools, custom dashboards, and special support for common xAPI profiles.


Not only is Veracity Learning an LRS and Learning Analytics Platform, but it can support some basic LMS use cases for managing users, classes, and courses. Veracity Learning allows administrators and instructors to upload content, organize content into classes and courses, and provides learners a front-end interface for accessing the content.

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