Platform Features

Veracity Learning has several unique platform features not typically found in other LRSs on the market. Check out our unique featureset below.


Veracity Learning provides several default views and dashboards “out-of-the-box” or you can create easily your own custom dashboards by using our pre-configured widgets, or our simple Chart Builder and Advanced Graph Query tools. You can also create multiple dashboard interfaces for different roles or permissions (e.g., learners, instructors, admins). See the Analytics & Dashboards Integration Section for more details and examples.


Veracity Learning’s dashboards are easy to share or integrate. We provide features that allow users to publish custom dashboards and individual graphs and charts created in the LRS. The published dashboards are shared as embeddable, secure links. You can even embed the dashboards in external applications (e.g., augment your LMS) for real time insights, or build custom dashboards specifically for display in your own content or applications.


Veracity Learning offers several options for importing and exporting data as CSV, JSON, and data dumps via URL. We can export to several formats or create entire binary database exports, and we also support ingesting xAPI data from other sources. You can even build complex hierarchies of LRSs using Statement Forwarding. This is an excellent way to link together several LRSs into a network, so you can aggregate data from multiple accounts.


Querying over data using the standard xAPI search interface is limiting. Querying aggregations over various databases can be also challenging. Veracity Learning makes it easy to query and aggregate xAPI data! We take xAPI querying to the next level by offering a powerful advanced search API and a simplified query language (VQL) for complex queries and metrics. We also provide an LRS API to create and remove learners, lessons, and other data objects in the system, or to launch content.


Our platform features a multi-tenant architecture, allowing you to create multiple LRS instances for different testing environments, hosting or data integration strategies. Each LRS instance does not share keys, analytics, or even the same database with other LRS instances. This empowers our customers to completely separate different operations or purposes of the LRS.


Veracity Learning can be configured or integrated with any Identity Access Management (IAM) or Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. Our LRS has been used or tested with the OpenID Connect specification, and is compatible with OpenID providers such as OKTA, GLUU, and Auth0. OpenID is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol and makes SSO easier to implement.


Veracity Learning can also host the content package that generates the xAPI statements! Any xAPI-based content (aka a Learning Record Provider (LRP)) can leverage Veracity Learning’s built-in file hosting and xAPI Launch support. This includes out-of-the-box support for launching xAPI content as well as some basic content package import and management tools.


Our LRS works on any Operating System (OS) and can be installed anywhere. Leverage our Software as a Service (SaaS) option hosted in the cloud, or if you have regional data sovereignty requirements that prohibit use of cloud hosting you can install and run Veracity Learning on your own network premises (On-Prem). Please visit our LRS Solutions page to view all of the hosting options available.


We're serious about taking learning data to scale. The LRS was built as a stateless web server that can be scaled horizontally with a load balancer and a DNS Round Robin configuration. Our LRS database indices are optimized by default, and you can scale up to a massive multi-node database cluster easily as the demand increases. Veracity Learning is designed to store hundreds of millions of xAPI statements, and tens of thousands of API calls per second. Our platform will never fail to scale!


The LRS also includes several tools for your xAPI development efforts. Utilizing such tools can increase the quality and accuracy of your data before storing it in the LRS. Use our xAPI Statement Validator to check for JSON object conformance. Try the open source xAPI Lab Tool for building valid statements and testing various interactions with the LRS. Leverage our xAPI Statement Generator for randomly generating syntactically valid xAPI statements for evaluating various parts of the statement data model.

Veracity Learning LRS


Our robust analytics and dashboard platform allows you to monitor many metrics at once, so you can see correlations between different reports.

Veracity Learning provides several default dashboards views of your data for activities and agents over a specified time. It also provides a default LRS Overview dashboard that automatically presents several charts over your data right out-of-the-box.

Want more than the default dashboards?

Veracity Learning also empowers users to build their own custom dashboards and reports by using our Chart Builder or Advanced Graphy Query tools. There are also several predefined widgets that can be modified to meet your custom dashboard requirements.

Each visualization generated from our analytics platform can also be exported as a live graph. This graph can be embedded into other sites or applications and is unique to Veracity Learning. You can mix and match your visualizations to build a custom dashboard, or post them in your content or even inside of an LMS.

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Our analytics platform offers you a handy visualization tool for creating charts without having to write any complicated code or queries. The Chart Builder tool provides a simple interface for building a wide variety of charts to visualize your xAPI data. You can create a single chart or a series of custom charts in the same view. It also fully supports xAPI context extensions and result extensions data. In addition, our analytics platform provides a real-time querying tool for testing advanced queries in real-time. The Advanced Graph Query Tool simplifies querying by using our optimized query language, VQL. This is perfect for people that don’t want to have to learn the Mongo aggregation language and write complex queries by hand.

Veracity Learning LRS Chart Builder
Veracity Learning LRS VQL


It can be difficult for users to learn how to query xAPI data. VQL is our new language for more easily constructing queries over xAPI data in Veracity Learning. We've been working for a long time on developing a new language for defining and simplifying how you ask Veracity Learning to generate a graph visualization. The power of VQL is that it provides operations specifically relevant to xAPI (rather than a generic database language). It also automatically switches between different database and processing technologies, using the database system best for a given task. VQL enables our LRS to leverage ElasticSearch or MongoDB, sometimes within the same query! Get started with writing your own queries using VQL, check out the VQL Overview in the User Manual or the VQL Demo.


Unlike any other LRS on the market, Veracity Learning provides a unique plug-in architecture that enables LRS users to create custom integrations or extend LRS functionality by creating their own plug-ins. Plug-ins are used to create new features, augment behaviors, integrate the LRS with other tools, or extend the user interface or add analytics capabilities. Several reusable plug-ins are available to customers already such as site branding and single sign-on. For more information on the different types of plug-ins and steps for developing plug-ins, check out the user manual documentation on plug-ins.

Veracity Learning LRS