Veracity Learning LRS

Cloud-Hosted SaaS LRS

Veracity Learning LRS is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) option hosted in the cloud. This means that Veracity will host and maintain the servers, databases, and the code that runs the LRS. The SaaS option runs directly from a web browser without any downloads or installations required. This option is attractive and convenient for many of our customers because it allows them to outsource most of the IT responsibilities instead of worrying about troubleshooting or maintaining the software and hardware in-house. SaaS subscription payment models can help organizations with smaller budgets spread the total cost of ownership over time, so even small businesses can adopt robust, modern LRS software.

By default, our SaaS option utilizes highly secure AWS cloud services to deploy and store LRS software instances and data. The scalability, availability, and security provided by the AWS platform simplifies LRS deployment and reduces customer acquisition costs. AWS allows us to future-proof our LRS architecture for you. Customers can grow their architecture as their user and storage requirements grow. Microsoft Azure cloud services can also be utilized for our SaaS option upon request.

We offer both monthly and annual subscription contracts for both shared Saas and dedicated SaaS customers. Please see our pricing options below for more details.

On-Premises LRS

Some of our customers have regional data sovereignty requirements or other security restrictions that prohibit cloud hosting. Veracity Learning LRS can also be installed and run on your own network premises (On-Prem). This means the LRS is hosted, accessed, and maintained on your company’s computers and infrastructure. This option includes an annual license fee and does require an additional installation and configuration process. With our On-Premises option, the onus is on the customer to maintain the upkeep of the software, hardware, and hosting. However, additional training, support or consulting plans are also available for our On-Premises customers. Please see our pricing options below for more details.

Veracity Learning LRS Chart Builder
Veracity Learning LRS VQL

White Label LRS

We also offer a white label version of our LRS for resellers and On-Premise customer rebranding. This allows you to offer your customers their own xAPI-conformant LRS solution or bundle it with your existing product(s) or services, faster and at a fraction of the price with Veracity’s White Label program. Please see our White Label LRS page for more details and contact us to become a partner.

LRS Lite

We also offer a free version of our LRS non-commercial or commercial use. Veracity Learning Lite is a powerful yet simple to use xAPI LRS. It's free to use for any purpose, including commercial applications. It has all the basics you'll need to get started tracking data from xAPI content. Please see our LRS Lite Page to download and install.

Veracity Learning LRS Chart Builder

LRS Plans & Pricing

  Free Starter Pro SaaS Expert SaaS Enterprise On-Premise White Label
Cost Per Month $0 USD* $100 USD* $400 USD* Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote Get Quote
Separate LRSs 3 5 10 Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited**
Server Type Shared Shared Shared Dedicated Dedicated, High Availability, Geographically Distributed Based on Customer’s Infrastructure Based on Customer’s Infrastructure
API Call Limit 10,000 / day 25,000 / day 100,000 / day Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited**
Storage Limit 100 MB 1 GB 5 GB 30 GB Variable Variable Variable
Dashboard Basic Basic Basic Advanced Advanced Advanced Advanced
Learner Portal Accounts 100 500 2500 Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited**

Require additional horsepower? Contact us for a customized plan.
* Prices are USD. Costs can be paid monthly or in bulk for the year.
** Fair usage and other restrictions apply